BDRIS Application Link bdris

BDRIS Application Link bdris

Currently we have to visit the official website of BDRIS to apply for birth registration and since it is a government website related to application of local government department we are taking advantage from here. Any person can apply by visiting the official website related to this application for birth registration certificate and can download the application form by applying for birth registration certificate.

These things are required to be done in our present life to make birth registration certificate mandatory and to provide facility of birth registration in various institutional areas and accordingly we will apply for new birth registration certificate. Moreover, if a student wants to be admitted in an educational institution, then he must also be brought under the birth registration certificate and no educational institution can take admission without his birth registration certificate. So, try to find out from this post how to apply for birth registration and that your application will be completed on the basis of providing any information.

We use birth registration certificate documents in our daily life to use correct information and take advantage of various institutions. If you are a resident of one place and want to live in another, you must have government documents to prove your identity. In that case, even if you don’t have a national identity card, you can do these things by providing the information of the birth registration certificate. If you can explain to someone that you have not received your National Identity Card information after registration, then those tasks can be performed with your birth registration certificate.

Moreover, if a child wants to travel abroad with his parents on an urgent basis, then his passport and visa related work should be done through birth registration certificate. That is, after the birth of a child, this birth registration certificate acts as his official identity card, and this system was introduced earlier in the developed countries of the world. So as a conscious citizen and as an educated parent, after the birth of the child, take his vaccination card and register the information of the birth registration certificate based on providing the correct name and other information from the computer shop.

Then print out the application form and submit it to the local government department and the local government department will print it out and hand it over to you with the signatures of other officials within a few days. In this case, if the councilor of your area has taken this responsibility, then you can also collect them at home through him. However, through today’s post, as it has been said to visit the official website of BDRIS and give the information related to the application, know how to apply for the birth registration certificate information in a new way. Basically you have to first apply information by visiting this official website and detailed idea of information application is provided here.

BDRIS Application Link

When you want to make an application using the official website of birth registration, you are firstly given the right idea about registering new information or creating a new birth registration certificate. Enter correct information when you want to apply
Go to the official website by using this link and apply there. In fact, there are no specific rules or guidelines regarding the address of birth registration certificate, so you can create birth registration based on any address.

However, in most cases, if you can create a birth registration certificate by providing your permanent address, then wherever you are, important tasks can be performed from the official website of the local government department of the local level or directly to the office. But anyway you have to go to the next step after providing the permanent address or as you want to generate this birth registration certificate based on the permanent address and once you go to the next step you have to register the information there. First you provide the first part and the last part of the name you want to use in Bengali in your birth registration certificate. Similarly the first part and last part of your English name should be recorded on the website.

After that you have to select your gender as well as provide date of birth and verify the blood type you have and must provide correct information. Instead of providing approximate blood type you must provide correct blood type so that there is no problem and the number of children in the family. Mention In this case, you have to provide information as to how many children your parents have, without counting the family of grandparents. So after you provide this information here i.e. after providing the information of all the rooms which are given red star mark then proceed to the next step.

Step by step process to fill up the application form

In the next step, you have to provide the address information and you must select the correct information as there is an option to provide this address information. Once the address information is provided, proceed to the next step and enter your parent’s information correctly. If the parent’s information is to be provided, the name will automatically appear there and other information will be recorded there. After giving the information of parents like this you have to follow the next step again and if you go to the next page you have to specify what documents you want to display for the application for birth registration certificate information.

That is, for the birth registration certificate, the vaccination card of the child and the copy of the tax collection receipt of the place where he is living must be uploaded on the website within the specified resolution. These two documents are very important and if you can collect them in advance then you will be able to complete each task accordingly. So after knowing the information from here you will go to the applicant’s information section and provide the applicant’s father or mother’s information there and in place of the mobile number the birth certificate must be prepared. He will use the mobile number of a certain member of his family.

After recording each information like this you have to select that payment option and if it is a child and less than five years then you will be issued birth registration certificate completely free. We hope that through this post you have understood the information regarding application for birth registration and when you have learned this information in this post then you must apply correctly following the correct rules. After printing out the application form, it should be submitted to the local government department within a maximum of 15 days along with the mentioned documents. Then your application form will be considered by them and after visiting the official website of local government department its updates will be printed out and given to you with signature.