Nid Smart Card Status

Nid Smart Card Status

This post is going to be very important today for those of you who have voted but still have your NID card. You can check NID Smart Card status online to see what status your smart card is now.

All new voters or old voters are covered by smart card. You can easily find out whether the Smart NID Card has been made to your liking and you will get your smart card later online. Or you can check your NID smart card through SMS.

Smart Card Status Check

To Check Smart Card Status Visit Enter National Identity Card Number, Date of Birth. Then check smart card status by filling a security captcha. By checking, you can know whether your Smart NID Card has been generated, where to collect it from, etc.

  • Visit the site to check NID Card Status
    Enter NID number and date of birth
    Enter the answer to the security question
    Check the Smart NID Status by pressing submit button.

Government of Bangladesh has taken various steps to deliver smart NID card to all citizens by Election Commission. In most of the cities of Bangladesh, we have given smart cards in the area long ago. All the NID cards that have been registered since 2016 have qualified to get NID smart cards. The process of changing the old ID cards and giving NID cards smart is going on in the whole of Bangladesh.

Ways to Check Smart Card Status

You can check online and through SMS to check if your smart national identity card has been generated. If you want, you can check your smart card status for free through your mobile phone. You can check your smart card in two ways one is online. Another is by sending phone SMS.

Check Smart Card Status Online

You can check online with your computer or your smart phone to know when you will get your smart card, whether the smart card has been made yet or where to collect the complete detailed information.

To check online smart card status visit and submit your NID number, date of birth and captcha. For those who have not issued ID card, smart card Voter will check using slip number to check status. If the form number is 65487636, add NIDFN extra before the voter slip or form number and use NIDFN65487636 like this. When your smart card status shows Complete, you will understand that your smart ID card is ready.

Smart card status check via SMS

To check smart card status through SMS, type SC <space> NID <space> nid card number and send the message to this number 105. To check smart card status with form number or voter slip, the message format is SC <space> NID <space> space> F <space> form number <space> date of birth should be sent to number 105. Then you will be informed about the current status of your Smart NID card through a return message.

Smart card download

As we know smart card has micro chip attached. Even if we want to, we cannot download the smart card or install this chip. Smart ID Card is issued by Election Commission. So there is no chance to download smart card from online. However, you can download the online copy of the national identity card with the number of the smart card, print it and laminate it. If the smart card is lost or damaged, you have to apply for the re-issue of the smart card. Application for re-issuance of smart card can be done online. If you want, you can also go to your respective election commission office to apply.