nid card registration

nid card registration

If you are a citizen of Bangladesh. Then you must have an account in your name on the Bangladesh Election Commission Nidw website. You can download the voter ID card and complete all the work of the Election Commission from the website, including correction of the voter ID card. For that you must register your NID card.

You can also apply for Jesus if your NID card is lost along with your NID card with phone number. NID card has many benefits. For that you need to have your account on the Election Commission official website.If you find it difficult to login then you can easily create your account if you read our entire post carefully.Now a citizen can keep the national identity card properly. After fifteen years he has to get his N ID card again.

To create an account on the Nidw web site, you will need several things that you must collect.

This website will require a smart phone to photograph your face. If you have a laptop or computer at home, this is also the time to register.

These devices must have internet connection.

Then carry an active mobile number or the number provided at the time of voter registration.

National Identity Card Number or Voter Slip Number. The date of birth must be known according to the said national identity car


Nid Card registration

To register NID account, first of all you have to enter website and register with National Identity Card number and date of birth, permanent address and current address. After that you have to complete the login by verifying the mobile number and face verification.Registering account on Nidw web site is very easy, you can complete this task in just 2 minutes if you follow the procedure shown in this article correctly. For your convenience Nidw account register procedure is shown step by step.

To register an account on the National Identity Card official website, first visit the Nidw account page by clicking on this link Then click on the “Register” button to register a new account.After clicking the register button, you will be taken to a page like the image below, from here first enter your National Identity Card Number or Form Number. If the National Identity Card is not yet available, then the slip number given after providing the fingerprint at the time of voter registration should be inserted.

After clicking on the submit button, select the address according to the ID card. If voter ID card is not available then provide current address and permanent address as per the information provided during voter registration.In case of selection of current address and permanent address only division, district and upazila should be provided. But remember if you provide wrong information here more than 3 times then your NID account will be locked.

So care should be taken while providing the address. Enter the current address and permanent address correctly and click on “Next” button.

After providing the current address and permanent address correctly and clicking on the next button, you will be brought to a new page like the image below, from here you have to verify the mobile number. Most likely the mobile number provided during registration will be automatically assigned.

If no mobile number is set then enter a new active mobile number and click on “send message” button for OTP verification. Within some time a 6 digit OTP code will be sent via SMS from Nid service.

Follow the video directions shown in the Nid Wallet app for face verification. Properly complete Face Verification through Nid Wallet apps.

Click on “Set Password” button to set password. Then set a strong password of at least 8 digits with letters and numbers. Be sure to save this password for future logins.

Congratulations, your Nidw account register has been completed successfully. Later, you can enjoy all the services from the National Identity Card website.