everify.bdris.gov bd Search Birth Registration Certificate

everify.bdris.gov bd Search Birth Registration Certificate

Birth registration certificate generated by local government department and if you can find it through their official website then it will be better for you. We post the information on our website about all the requirements you have regarding birth registration certificate in daily life and you follow that information. When you can find your birth registration from the local government department on your own responsibility and compare the information with the original documents, then you can be sure yourself.

Because there are many people who have registered the information of birth registration certificate a long time ago and later they cannot find the information from the website or the information is not properly matched with the original documents on the website. So, thinking about you, I will discuss in this post what rules to follow in the context of verification of birth registration certificate or in finding the information of birth registration certificate.


Although the local government department was established a long time ago, it has increased in efficiency and functions to such an extent that the information of every person born is being recorded on their website. This means that no person born in this country goes beyond the scope of the birth registration certificate. For this purpose, you have to prepare the birth registration certificate. Moreover, on the basis of the birth registration certificate, you can do everything from admission to educational institutions to registration of national identity card information, one is closely related to the other. Therefore, considering everything, we inform you about the easy use or collection of every information based on the use of the website regarding the birth registration certificate.

If there is any kind of problem in your birth registration certificate or other identity documents do not match with the original documents, then the website has introduced the issue of correcting the information. Many people have birth year or name spelling mistakes or various problems even after providing the certificate and national identity card information to the local government department, if you have not corrected them, then you can apply to correct the information at home at your own risk. You will find this information when applying for correction of information and will provide you with an opportunity to apply.

Search Birth Registration Certificate

So all the things that we tell you about the birth registration certificate are very useful in our daily life and you can do things depending on this information or you can understand them as we try to present the correct information to you. But anyway, when you want to find your information by using the link of e-verify or if you can find out by any means whether every information of the birth registration certificate is recorded on the website by using this link, then you must have been able to use the right link. .

However, by visiting the website using the link, when you are told to input the 17-digit birth registration certificate number in the specific room of the website, then you do not think what to do because many people do not have 17 digital number. So for your convenience we are discussing the issues of birth registration certificate and as we have said this before, we would like to inform here that if the birth registration certificate number is less than 17 digits then contact the local government department directly. Because as there is a problem there is also a solution and if you can inform them about this then you can get help from them with the correct digit.

But if the number of your birth registration certificate is 17 digital then there is no problem and first of all you should record that 17 digit digital number on the website. Since you will find the information of the birth registration certificate then you have to provide the date of birth and in providing the date of birth through the calendar. From there you have to select the right information. But the year mentioned there is considered as current year and if you have any other year of birth then help them by giving correct information as per birth registration certificate. After entering the correct year of birth proceed to the next step and solve the math problem that is created next.

Usually, many websites have a system to display captcha code in order to find their information or to display information according to the customer’s needs. However, after solving the math problem here, after entering the correct information and filling the three cells correctly, you can go to the next page and search for your birth certificate information will be shown there. Especially starting from your name, parents name and date of birth and birth registration certificate number can be seen from there.

How to Search Birth Registration Certificate

Moreover, depending on the information there, you can know about other things and know about other addresses. So by visiting the official website of e-verify i.e. the official website of BDRIS, you will find the information like this. If the other information matches your certificate exactly and the information matches the National Identity Card then it will work without searching. But if somehow you understand that there is a mistake in the name or any other type of mistake, then you must check the information in the birth registration certificate to solve it and if the information is found to be incorrect, then you must apply for correction of the information.

In the case of correcting the information in the birth registration certificate, you have to provide the birth registration certificate number and date of birth to find your name. In this way, if you find your information at home and if you want to adopt the correctness of each information, then it is better to follow the correct rules. We want to help you with correct information to know about any kind of matter related to birth registration certificate and you can write your valuable opinion in the comment box of our website. If you want to get a solution on a specific issue, if you have asked a reasonable question, then we will definitely help you with the right information and inform you about it.

What you should remember

Therefore, in the preparation of a child’s birth registration certificate, one should play a conscious role in providing information, and in the same way, if the information is wrong, one should be free to correct it. Because the work of admission to educational institutions or preparation of passport visa for going abroad or registration of national identity card information is done through the birth registration certificate, if the information here is wrong, then every information will be wrong and there will be a lot of trouble later. So be sure to correct the information and by correcting the information you will understand that your birth registration certificate has been digitized and later it can be applied for reprinting if required.