Jonmo Nibondhon Songsodhon Easy Method

Jonmo Nibondhon Songsodhon Easy Method

If you are repeatedly wasting your time going to the local government department for correction of birth registration, I would like to say that currently new rules are being followed and application for correction of birth registration is being made online. Apart from explaining all the steps involved in amending the birth registration certificate and sharing the link where to apply, I will try to provide you with detailed information today.

So if you suspect any mistake in your birth registration then you can get it corrected without delay by paying a very small fee and submitting the necessary documents on the website. Since it acts as an important identity card in a person’s life, there can be no mistake and no information can be recorded anywhere wrongly.

Birth Certificate correction

We understand very much the operation required for birth registration certificate and it is useful for us for admission in various places or for registering voter id card information. So if you knowingly put any kind of mistake in birth registration certificate then it has to be corrected and any If you understand the way, you must follow the rules below to correct it. As we present to you every step starting from the application of birth registration certificate, through today’s post we will tell you the rules of correction so that this post can play a beneficial role for many.

We have generated the birth registration certificate through the local government department or currently apply online and submit it to the local government department and they provide us with the original documents within a few days. So when you need birth registration certificate you have to apply online and if you provide them application fresh with application form and necessary documents then it will be provided to you within few days. Currently, you are not facing any problem or need to correct the information as the child’s birth registration certificate is being prepared based on the parent’s national identity card and birth registration certificate.

But many people have created birth registration certificate earlier in messenger and due to hand writing at that time and many problems later they are not getting data matching of this birth registration certificate and it is necessary to correct it. Especially your birth registration and national identity card and various educational qualifications. If the certificate matches then there will be no problem anywhere and in this case you can enter various workplaces. So you can easily complete the birth registration certificate without delay because this mistake will never be forgiven or you have to solve this mistake yourself.

How to correct birth certificate

Currently, as everything is done online, you can apply for correction of birth registration up to four times, and in this case, the information is presented on the application page itself. So when you want to correct the information in birth registration certificate you must
You have to use this link and go to this page of the official website and you will be given the correct direction to input the information to correct your information. Moreover, if someone has searched by writing birth certificate correction, then there will be no problem and this link will come in front of you, you can enter there and follow the application steps to correct your birth registration certificate information.

But first it is better to say that for the type of correction you want to make, you need to collect your National Identity Card or Secondary Examination Certificate or a registered copy from the local server station where the National Identity Card is available. Then you collect these documents properly and based on the documents you must enter the website and correct your information first of all you have to give your birthday registration number on the website. After providing birth registration number you have to follow another step and that is your date of birth and after providing date of birth if you search it will show the name of owner of your birth certificate.

How to apply for Birth Certificate Correction online

If you have found the information you want or the correct owner’s name then you need to confirm there and go to the next step where you will now need to provide all the necessary information to correct the information. Especially since you have to do this work through the local government department, you must provide the information to the local government department step by step. There is no need to provide any information manually as there is an opportunity to select each information through the option and on this basis you have to go to the next page and do the necessary work to correct your birth registration.

In particular, write down the wrong information that you have recorded as well as what will be its correct information. If you are asked to show reasons why you want to correct this information, you must mention that the incorrect information was entered during the application or during the registration of the information. They say that you can apply for more than one correction of information and only if you can do these corrections step by step, you will be asked to provide the applicant’s information later. The person making the application may be the person registering the birth himself or his guardian or a person known to him.

That is, give a contact and give a mobile number as a contact number that has the ability to contact you at all times and if you give this number, an application idea will come to your phone. And by providing the application ID, you can later check the current status of the application. You can easily follow these steps and go down and first select the documents you want to upload to the proof website depending on the information you want to correct. If you select the name of the certificate, the upload option will come and by going to that upload option, you will upload the necessary documents of the specific resolution to the website.

Final words

When you have completed these tasks, you have the opportunity to pay the application fee by running the same as if you select the fee collection option, you have the opportunity to pay this money directly to the local government department. So you select the fee collection option and after selecting it submit the application if there is no mistake in your application summary which will be shown. The application form should be downloaded and submitted to the local government department within 15 days and once submitted it will be modified based on your application.