bris check bd 2023

bris check bd 2023

The rule of checking birth registration certificate online has been introduced so that you can check it by visiting the official website of BDRIS. As these works of the local government department are currently being done at home online, we can do them at home and work accordingly, so we can solve any problem very easily. Moreover, if you want to know for sure whether your birth certificate information can be found online, then we will tell you the correct rules to know correctly. That is, if we want to receive the services related to birth registration certificate and death registration certificate online or if we want to check someone’s birth registration, then it is better to follow the correct rules.

Ever since the birth registration certificate application to information search and other tasks started by using the birth registration certificate official website, we have been trying to explain these things to you in a good way. If you want to take this kind of service sitting at home, then the necessary documents should be sized within the specified resolution. Then you can solve any kind of work at home very easily. Moreover, if anyone does not understand any information related to the birth registration certificate or if there is any confusion in this regard, then if you comment in the comment box, we can provide you the information accordingly.

At present, with the kind of services provided by the official website of Birth Registration Certificate, we are able to solve any work through the official cost and in a very short time. Since the birth certificate information has to be collected and applied through the local government department, as these information are recorded on the website on their own responsibility, there is an opportunity to correct any mistakes or mistakes. So through online we are constantly trying to inform you about the services that this official website is providing us and you can do these tasks without any delay as you can work according to them.

If we want to do any work through the local government department, we will apply online instead of going directly to the local government department and submit the application paper to the local government department. They will see our application form and provide it to us on the basis of which they can easily print it and provide necessary signatures through official login. So for those who don’t understand by local government department, it means your local government department and in this case it includes Municipal Union Parishad and City Corporation.

Birth certificate application

So we are trying to give you the correct information through this post so you can understand them and depending on this information you can easily search the information of the birth registration certificate or check the certificate. By doing this you can be sure that your information can be found on the website and you will have the opportunity to reprint it at any time. Besides, if there is a way to check it online through mobile phone at home and if your information can be recorded on the website, then you can be sure that every information has been correctly recorded on the website as you like.

If someone currently needs a birth registration certificate, then we try to present to you how to apply for a new birth registration certificate. So when you want to find any information based on this information, you have to go to the information search option and if you want to check the birth certificate, you must select the information search option. In this case if your birth registration certificate is not generated or there is no number of birth registration certificate then you will not find this information through online. So for you we have tried to present every information correctly through this post and accordingly you can understand and know them correctly.

How to apply for birth certificate in Bangladesh

So if you want to check your birth registration certificate then first of all you need to go to the official website of BDRIS. But if you type birth certificate and search in your browser, then you will directly get an official website called e-verify and from there you can enter and provide information, every task can be done very easily. When you want to search information, you must use the birth registration information search option and once you go here, you will be shown a blank space to provide several information.

To search birth registration certificate information you must select this option and enter the birth registration certificate you have or the 17 digit number on the website. In most cases, the number of birth registration certificate will be 17 digits and in this case if the number of digits is less then you can contact your local government department and they will provide the correct solution in this regard. However, this digit number is identified as local number and personal contact number and area As a number. However, after inputting this 17 digit number on your website, you can easily go to the next step and after going to the next step, you will have to provide the date of birth information.

In providing the date of birth information you must select each information correctly and in selecting each option correctly you have to go to the edit option as the current year will be mentioned there. After selecting your date of birth and month of birth from here, go to their options and enter the current year or the new year which will be considered as your birth year on the website. So you can easily move on to the next step, and what you can do from there is that after selecting this information, you can understand and solve the math problem that is created below.


Usually there will be math problems that involve addition or subtraction problems and you have to put the correct answer in the blanks to see if each piece of information has been recorded correctly. If every information is entered correctly then proceed to next and you have to click on charge option to proceed to next step. Then on the next page your birth registrant’s person’s name or his/her parent’s name and current address and permanent address will be shown there. Hope through this post you have been able to know about the rules of checking birth certificate at home or by following very simple rules.