br Application জন্ম নিবন্ধনের জন্য আবেদন অনলাইনে করুন br Application জন্ম নিবন্ধনের জন্য আবেদন অনলাইনে করুন

For those of you who want to follow the correct rules to apply for birth registration certificate online, in this post we will try to provide each and every information thoroughly. As the registration application has to be done online at present, we will do it online and if we register the information online instead of filling the form by hand, we will be able to take proper advantage in reprinting as it will be convenient to find them later.

Therefore, if a child is born in the family or if an adult does not have a birth registration certificate, then certain rules must be followed and after registering the information, the birth registration must be collected from the local government department. Since there are many steps we have to go through to register the information through online, it is important for everyone to get proper instructions to input the information correctly at each step. If you follow the option or opportunity to register birth registration information that we will tell you today, then you can register the information efficiently.

Nowadays, as people are becoming more literate and everyone is playing a conscious role, as soon as a child is born in the family, the first thing to do is to apply for the birth registration certificate for the child. In this case, we always provide you the link of the website as well as inform you the rules of applying at home, you can apply from various online service shops if you want. But as an educated parent, when you want to follow this correct rule, you must be informed about it.

Currently an official website called BDRIS has been launched to do the work related to birth registration certificate where there is an opportunity to apply for every job and check every information. You may have understood from the title above that it is an official website for birth registration certificate and here it says application to apply. To apply correctly, when you enter the website and enter through the mobile phone, go to the three dot menu and select the birth registration option very easily and if you click and hold on it, the new information registration option will appear in front of you.

As soon as you click there, a new page will appear in front of you and go there and select the address based on which you want to apply for birth registration certificate. Even if you stay abroad due to employment or any work, it will be easy to apply on the basis of permanent address and later you can collect it from the permanent address if needed. As local government department always provide us correct information in this regard or we can collect birth registration certificate through local government department so I think it would be wisest to apply based on permanent address.

So to apply you will select the address there and in the next step you will be given various options to fill the form. You have to register these details online and provide the first part and last part of your name in Bengali by selecting the correct keyboard. Then after filling the first part and last part of your name in English you have to select which religion you belong to. Also give the date of birth and after giving the date of birth give your gender and other things that are asked. In particular, the blood group should be mentioned and the number of children in the family should also be mentioned correctly.

After completing the first page, go to the second page and enter your address information step by step. That is, from which division of Bangladesh you want to create this birth registration certificate and by selecting which district it belongs to, you must provide the local level information step by step and that will be a good job. Provide your addresses properly online so that you can receive the birth registration certificate from that particular local government department with signature. Thus after completing all the steps of the application you will go to the next page and there you will be given the right direction to provide some more information.

How to apply

Earlier, for the new registration of birth registration, we had to have the documents of the guardian for the child’s birth registration certificate. But at present this appointment has been changed and correct rules are being followed as birth registration certificate of child can be generated depending on father’s national identity card. So when you generate birth registration gold then you must provide parents information to generate it and provide their voter ID card number then it will automatically get parent name and other details. In this case, the parent’s mobile number should be attached and if any other information is required, fill it and proceed to the next step.

When applying for birth registration, we must provide information about the applicant and ensure that the applicant is applying as a family member. Because the applicant must provide mobile number or email address where an application ID will be sent and the application ID must be collected. You must submit specific information on the application you make and in this case vaccination card for the child and residential land receipt must be uploaded on the website.

In this way, after providing the information of the applicant, you have to go to the fee collection option and in this case you must select the correct option as you must submit it directly to the local government department. The summary of the information you have registered so far will be shown to you and if there is no mistake anywhere, your application must be submitted.

Submit the letter

Once the application form is submitted, an application ID will be sent to your phone and you will be provided with proper instructions to download this applicant copy. You can download the applicant copy in the form of a PDF file and take a print out of it and after the print out you have to take it to the local government department.

That is, based on the address that you have provided, you have to go to the specific office of the municipality or union council or the city corporation and submit it along with the necessary documents. The application fee has to be paid as per the specified age and in this case the application fee has been fixed at 50 rupees only. If you pay the application fee then they will use login option and if your application is ready to print out then they will print it out and give the signature of other officers along with the signature of the chairman. Especially if you contact the councilor of the ward number you are resident in, they will help you to get the birth registration certificate.