Birth Certificate Online Application 2023

Birth Certificate Online Application 2023

As the application process of birth registration has started through online, if you want to create birth registration of any child, then apply online instead of going directly to the local government department. By using a completely new portal all the work of applying for birth registration has to be submitted there and your application form has to be downloaded and submitted to the local government department within 15 days of application.

Properly following the correct rules When you do the online application of birth certificate you must follow the correct rules provided by us and we will explain every information to you in a very nice and simple way. Since admission to educational institutions is required on the basis of birth registration certificate or registration of national identity card information, it is better to keep any informational errors and carefully apply every information.

Earlier, when there was no problem with birth registration certificate, people went to the local government department and provided some information, they would generate birth registration certificate for them. But nowadays, with the promise of digital Bangladesh, we are recording every work online so that we can do this. The information is stored in certain database and later we can collect this information ourselves. Therefore, as you have been informed about the new application for birth registration, you can find out how to register or apply this information online by following the current rules.

How to apply online for birth certificate

However, we will ask you to follow the correct rules and use the correct website to apply for birth certificate information. By using this link you can go directly to the official website and go to the application page and register the information correctly. After providing the information on each page, you will select the next option and on the first page, you will decide on the basis of which address you need to create the birth registration certificate. In this case it is better to provide permanent address instead of present address or other addresses and you can do this very easily on the basis of permanent address.

Once you have selected which address to apply for, go to the next page and fill in the blank spaces that appear in front of you step by step, where there is an option called Application for New Birth Registration. First of all, the identity of the person under registration should be presented here. The first part of the name of the person for whom the birth registration certificate is to be produced must be given in Bengali and below that the last part of the name must be given in Bengali. If the first part of the name is missing then the last part of the name given red star symbol should be given in Bengali. Note that it is mandatory to provide information in the blank space marked with each red star symbol.

Thus you go down and from there you input the first part of the name in English and at the end you have to provide the last part of the name. Now you have to provide the date of birth information there and you must select the correct birth month and date of birth by going to the calendar option given next to the English month information. After that I will ask you to go to the edit option and if you go to this option, cut off the year 2023 and use the birth year you want to use or if it is 2023 there is no need to change it.

Online birth registration in Bangladesh

Now you have to go down and there is given number of children of father and mother and in this case it will be best to apply after knowing the information correctly. But while providing date of birth you will be asked to verify that you have certain documents when providing correct date of birth. Especially the vaccination card issued after the birth of the child or if not then a certificate from an MBBS doctor should be attached to the website. In this case the MBBS doctor will write to get the birth registration certificate that the child was born on the specified date and apart from this certificate the copy of the junior school certificate of the student or the child can be attached on the website.

In this way you will go further down and there you must collect the tax receipts or rent receipts of the place where your parents live to upload it to the website. Going down you have to confirm that you have these documents and if you don’t have then you can’t apply or follow the next step of application. That is, you must apply with these documents to complete the application.

Now the one who is applying for the information of the birth registration certificate has to select through the option whether it is in terms of gender. Next we have to provide the address of the place of birth and besides selecting the country go down and select the category under which you were born in Bangladesh. Then you have to provide the post office name in Bengali and go to the below box and provide the post office name in English.

In this way more information regarding the address needs to be provided and starting from the name of the village to the address of the house or road and if there is a number then that number must be recorded on the website. If you have a problem understanding any information in the birth registration certificate or do not understand what information to provide in terms of any information, then you can call 16152 to find out.

What you should keep in mind

Now going to the next page father’s birth registration number has to be given and as it has been made mandatory both father and mother must have birth registration certificate. The father’s name should be given twice in Bengali and English and the nationality of the father should be mentioned along with providing the national identity card of the father. You have to register the information in the same way as you provided the information above while providing the father’s information. When you go to the next page, you will need to provide the address once more and if the address you provided in the previous step and the permanent address are the same, then every information will be automatically updated by ticking the blank box.

Now you have to provide the applicant’s requirement and provide the applicant’s mobile number and email address in addition to providing what the applicant is applying for. Moreover, you have to add all the documents mentioned in the previous page and after adding, you must go to the application fee option and select the fee collection option. In this way, check your application form completely and if there is no mistake anywhere, after submitting, download the applicant hobby and an application ID will be sent to you on the mobile number you have provided. If you submit all the documents that you have uploaded on the website along with the application form to the local government department, you will be issued the birth registration certificate within a few days.