idtax gov bd online register

idtax gov bd online register

This post is for those who are looking for information to pay land development tax online at your home. In our Bangladesh, many problems arise while paying land rent. You can do it on your mobile phone without any trouble. Bangladesh government has introduced a simple method of paying rent through online. Today we will try to show you those methods step by step.First you need to enter the official website of land development. To enter the official website you can enter the official website or the apps downloaded from play store.Go there and register with your mobile number.

After registration, you can make your payment through Nayankar apps with your mobile and give information. If you give your mobile number ID number on the website, a 6 digit code will be sent to your mobile number.After giving the OTP number of 6 visits you can complete your registration. Then you can click on your profile option to view all types of Khatian numbers and information of your land.Also by calling 333 or 16122 from any mobile you give the information through the agent. You can complete your decision.


Ldtax gov bd registration step by step

First you have to go to ldtax gov bd website and then click on ldtax gov bd website citizen corner.Click on citizen registration and enter your mobile number, nid number and date of birth (according to nid) and click on the next step button. If everything is correct, a 6 digit code will be sent to your given mobile number. Verify by clicking on registration complete. Do it. After that you will see the information with your id. Once the registration is completed you will see the information of your given nid. After that click on next step.

Select the type of owner, click on own if own and inheritance if all. When all fields are complete click on save button. After that your check list will show, for multiple land add all fields one by one.After all the checks are completed, you have to click on the wait button. If all the online steps are correct, the update will be known on the server after waiting for a while. After a few days, you have to check whether the update has been done.

Verification check

To check Khatian, you must check whether it shows 100% on the profile. You have to complete the profile with the current email address to click the profile button. You can check whether you have registered or not by clicking on the number and whether the status is approved.To check this Khatian or status. Of course you have to pay some money to do it through online you can pay money through bkash.

You can see all the details of Ldtax and how much money you have to pay through Bikash. After making the payment through Bikash you can check whether your payment is successful. If the payment is successful you will get a receipt which you can download and keep if you want.This way you can get your work done. So you should read our entire post and follow the instructions of our post to complete your task.