Birth Certificate Correction Online 2023

Birth Certificate Correction Online 2023

If any kind of mistake is observed in someone’s birth registration certificate, then it must be corrected as a document issued by the local government department as a personal identity card. In addition to issuing ID cards for many institutional functions, birth registration certificates are required or we can also perform important tasks by providing birth registration certificate information on an urgent basis.

But if the birth registration certificate along with your various institutional certificates and national identity cards contain informational mistakes then you must correct the information as per the current rules and follow the information correction application. You can understand that we always try to provide you with various information related to birth registration and we always help you by providing accurate information.

This identity card issued by the local government department is very useful in our personal life and since birth a child can be admitted to educational institutions through the birth registration certificate, as well as when traveling abroad for urgent work, passport and visa tasks can be performed through it. That is, as a person is in this country by birth, he must collect the birth registration certificate and no work can be neglected due to the fact that it is mandatory for admission in educational institutions.

We have informed you all the process of applying for birth registration certificate and from application fee to uploading any documents on the website to register the information or how to collect it by applying. So through today’s post, when you do the work related to the birth registration certificate or correct the birth registration information, you must follow the correct information and upload the strong arguments or necessary documents to the website for correcting the information. Sometimes we have to collect the special copy of NID card from the upazila server station for 230 taka as the information cannot be corrected even after providing the secondary examination certificate or voter ID card information.

Basically, if we upload that registered copy as a proof on the website and apply, then many times our birth registration gets corrected. This document is required especially if there is a problem with the year of birth and in case of minor mistakes or correction of other information, application for rectification of information can be made by providing secondary examination certificate or national identity card information. However, through today’s post, since you have visited our website and want to correct the birth registration information by visiting, below we will tell you the detailed rules for correcting this information.

Birth Certificate Correction

To correct the birth registration information, first of all you will use this link and if you use this link you will be taken to the information correction page. After going there you have to provide the birth registration number that your birth registration doubt has. After providing that we will ask you to select your date of birth and if one has applied through mobile phone or applied through computer then go to its option and ask to input each and every date of birth information properly.

In this way, by providing this information online, you will search the information and if your information is found on the website, then click on the confirm option on the side to confirm that information. Then the next page will appear in front of you and on that page you will first have to provide your address to correct the information. As these works are handled through the local government department, the local government department where you collect it from or which office you submit it to will be provided through the address here and you must know the correct information when you are asked to provide each and every information thoroughly. Provide address information.

After that you will be asked to go to the next page and once there the actual work of correcting your information will begin. According to the terms and conditions of the website, information correction can be applied for up to four times. Now you have to select the correct information and from there select what incorrect information was registered and what correct information you are going to input. Then when correcting the information you must mention that your information was entered incorrectly. In this way you can correct multiple details if you want and after entering each detail correctly you have to go down and enter the details of the applicant there.

how to perform Birth Certificate Correction 

If you want to tell the information of the applicant, you have to give the name of a specific person and the name of a family member or if you are an adult, give your name and give your contact number and if there is an email address, give it. Because an application ID will be provided to that contact number and later you can check the status of your information correction by providing the application ID. After that, you must select the document on which you will prove the information that you have corrected, and because it is important, you can upload the strong arguments and necessary documents to the website, then your information will be corrected.

This way you can complete the application process if you want to complete it and we must follow the correct rules as this information can be corrected very easily. As there is an option to pay the application fee by running or directly going to the office, you should select the direct fee collection option so that you may have to pay a maximum application fee of Tk 100 to the local government department. In this way, submit your application form online and before submitting, check that the summary of the application being shown must be correct so that there are no mistakes.

Final words

If you can submit the application form in this way, you will be given the opportunity to download the applicant copy and after downloading it in PDF file format and with the help of printer, you have to submit it directly to the local government department along with the necessary documents. Then they will charge you a certain amount of application fee and after submitting your application form they will verify your completion by visiting the website.

If your information is corrected then it will download and hand you the revised birth registration certificate with signature easily. So by following the above simple rules, correct the birth registration information and share it with others as this is an important rule for you.