Birth Registration Application Status br application status

Birth Registration Application Status br application status

After applying for any type of birth registration certificate, the rules have been introduced for you to check the current status of the application. I will tell those who have applied and after applying for a long time and still do not receive it, that the current status of the application can be checked by using the specific link through the application ID or by visiting the specific page of the official website. Various types of information related to birth registration certificate are being provided in front of you in daily life, so you can understand them and can complete many tasks accordingly. So those who need to check the current status of the birth registration certificate or want to check the current status of the application to understand whether the application has been accepted or printed out must follow this post.

The importance of birth registration certificate is immense and when you do not produce birth registration certificate of a child it will be seen that later they will face problems in getting admission in educational institutions or not getting admission in educational institutions. That is, the birth registration certificate is a personal identity card officially issued by the local government department and officially through this identity card you can record the information of the child’s birth registration certificate on the website as well as it can be used as his personal identity card.

Birth registration certificate will play a very important role in passport and visa work for parents who need to travel abroad with their children. Apart from opening various types of accounts through birth registration certificate, many other facilities are introduced here for you and this government issued identity card is of immense importance in daily life. Therefore, various types of information about the birth registration certificate are being presented to you and those who have not created the birth registration are being explained how to apply and create it. Those who have other information that does not match the information in the birth registration certificate can complete the tasks like correcting the information from here can do



Birth Certificate Application Status । আবেদনের বর্তমান অবস্থা চেক

Since we are constantly helping you with information about birth registration certificate, through today’s post we will tell you the rules to check the status of your application for birth registration certificate. Generally, when you apply for a birth registration certificate, if you register the necessary documents and correct information in that application, your application is disposed of very quickly. But applying for correction of information takes quite some time and if you cannot submit the necessary proofs on your website then the application is not accepted and if the example of the application is not correct there is no question of correcting it.

Also if someone wants to reprint the birth registration certificate then you have to show proper reason and only if you show reason then you will be given opportunity to reprint it. That is, you need to show the website exactly why you want to correct or collect it again and the necessary documents play a very important role in this. On the basis of permanent address or on the basis of father and mother’s information, the application for that birth registration certificate must be canceled if you have made separate birth registration certificates, or if you have applied for both, then the system has been introduced to cancel the application. That is, every person will have one birth registration certificate and having multiple birth registration certificates in multiple places is a punishable offense.

So for you we are publishing the information about birth registration certificate and by checking the current status of the application you can understand from the current status that you see there. Especially when it comes to verifying the details of your birth certificate or whether your application has been accepted or it is in the process of being rectified, the information will be shown there. If your application has been processed based on it and the necessary work has been done starting from accepting the application and correcting it then the current status of printed must be shown.

How to check Birth Registration Application Status

So as you can apply by visiting the website there is another new option and the name of this option is current application status. So if you directly type BDRIS and search for the official website, many people will have trouble going to a specific link or to get a specific one online. So the information is presented in front of you with the link so that you can easily go to the official website page and input all the information there. So below we have tried to explain each information in detail for you.

If you want to verify the information in the birth registration certificate or to know about the current status of the application, you had to use a mobile number in place of the applicant’s information during the application. After printing the application form, you can know the current application ID of the application from there, similarly, you were informed about the application ID through SMS. First of all collect that Application ID and without Application ID you will never be able to verify this information or you will not be provided any information about the current status of the application. Because thousands of applications are being submitted on this website every day and from new applications to information correction applications are done in large numbers.

So you now intend to check the current status of birth registration certificate Use this link and through it you can directly go to the page to check the current status of the application form. By going there you first need to mention the name of the application and through the option there is an opportunity to select the correct information in Bengali. If you want to cancel the application then that option is there as well as you will get the information to check the current status of the information correction application. So select the type of application you have applied and scroll down and select your date of birth through the calendar.


If the current year comes there, then you have to go to the edit option and there is an opportunity to cut all the information and rewrite each information in a new way. So after providing your date of birth correctly go down and provide the application id where it is asked for. That is, if you can provide the information of three rooms correctly, you will click on the search option and later some other information will be provided starting from the name of your applicant. By going to the current status of the application it will be shown whether it has been accepted or how far its work is going on. If the work is completed then it will show printed and you can collect this birth registration certificate printed from the local government department.