Online Birth Certificate Check Bangladesh bd

Online Birth Certificate Check Bangladesh bd

Due to the introduction of new rules for checking the birth certificate through online, we have provided a new website link for you and from here you can know exactly how to check the birth certificate and verify the information. Here we will discuss for you how to easily know whether your information is correct or not based on the use of birth certificate number and date of birth. Hope you can understand them based on this information and it will be great for you when we tell you these things. As such facilities are being provided through the official website called BDRIS at present, we can verify it very easily and everyone can rest assured that our information has been digitally updated on the website.

Birth Certificate Check

At present, if we want to talk about the effectiveness of the birth registration certificate, we will say that if you want to admit any child in an educational institution, birth registration is mandatory. As soon as a child is born, you get a Tikacard, through which you can easily go to the local government department and make your application and collect the original information from there. We present this information to you so that you can stay updated about every information regarding birth registration certificate in your daily life and perform your tasks accordingly.

Usually if you just come to check birth certificate then we will provide you direct link and based on providing that you can know it by visiting your website. If you have written birth certificate then you will get this link as well by copying this link from here you can easily go to the next step and there you have to provide some information. Now you may be wondering what kind of information needs to be provided here and in this context I will say that without thinking much you have to provide all the information that is in your birth registration certificate here.

You must use the 17-digit number on the birth registration certificate to enter your information. If one does not have 17 digital number then you must contact local government department and they will help you in this regard. So when you go to the official website of birth registration and enter this 17 digit number, you have to go down and select your date of birth through the calendar. First of all, after providing the information of the month of birth, clicking on the date of birth will show the detailed information including the current year.

How to check Birth Certificate online

Since the current year is not your original year of birth, you have to go to the edit option and cut it and after inserting the original year, you have to solve the math problem that is created below. Usually in this case you are asked to solve the addition or subtraction problem and correctly you put the correct solution and click on the search option. Thus, if you can provide this information on the official website of the birth registration certificate and click on the search option, then on the next page, the name of the person registering the birth and his birth registration number will be displayed there.

There is also a system to display more information and within this information you will be able to verify your address as well as find out what country you were born in and what your gender is. That is, there is an exact match with the original documents, and based on this match, you can understand that your original documents and website information have been recorded correctly. Therefore, you will not need to correct any kind of information and you can safely use the original document in your hand as a copy in any work.

However, when you find this information, you may or may not need to visit this website in the future. Because if your birth registration certificate is lost then from here you can apply for reprinting and more special facilities have been launched for you on the website. That is to say, there are various subjects with the necessary facilities in daily life that we can use very easily and our needs in daily life that we consider immense. So you can reprint based on finding the information from here as well as correct the information or view your information in different ways from the website.

Step by step process

Also, when you see a mistake in your birth registration certificate, you can easily find your information by applying, and you will be notified of your information and given instructions to follow the steps to correct the information. So by using this official website of birth registration certificate you can easily fulfill your requirements in daily life and we are constantly providing you with the information about it so you can perform your necessary work knowing about it. Based on the above discussion you have come to know here how to search data and find your data from here but cannot download it as there is no download option.

Because there is no facility to download birth registration certificate information and your birth registration certificate will become usable only when there is signature of chairman and other signatures of local government department. So even if you intend to download the information by visiting the website, you will not be given the opportunity to download it and in this case only the official website i.e. local government department has the opportunity to download it on the basis of login permission, so they can download it from the pad where their own birth registration certificate is. can They will download it on their own responsibility and hand it over to you after obtaining the signature of the Head of Local Government Department.


Hope you got to know about the important tasks related to your birth registration certificate through this post and if anyone has any kind of question in this regard or if anyone is confused about something, then definitely write in the comment box and we can provide the solution to the problem. We have presented information to you several times regarding how to apply for your birth registration anew or how to verify it after applying for birth registration or how to cancel it if you have created multiple birth registrations. I am ending today’s post here wishing everyone all round welfare.