www.bdris.gov.bd Login 2023 Registrar General Office Birth & Death Registration

www.bdris.gov.bd Login 2023 Registrar General Office Birth & Death Registration

By looking at the title given above, you can understand that it is an official website address related to birth registration certificate. By entering here you can do any type of birth registration work and nowadays it is being used as the official website as these works are done online.

From new applications to all other types of applications or searching for information are being done here. But many times when you visit this official website of birth registration certificate, login option comes and when you enter here, you are asked to provide user id and password. As you don’t have any user id and password you don’t understand how to provide any information and in this context we will provide you detailed information through this post today.

Registrar General Office Birth & Death Registration

Because if we have done any kind of work then there is no need to use user id and password on the official website and in this case if this option is activated in front of you then know how to provide any information or whether it is necessary to provide this information. . At present, all the people born in the country have to produce the birth registration certificate in order to record the information of the whole country correctly on the website. By filling the form by hand, the union council or municipality or city corporation is registering this information online as per the current rules and you have to complete the application and submit the paper to the local government department.

So if someone wants to create a new birth registration certificate then they have to go to the official website and there you can select the address based on which you are going to create your own birth registration certificate or another person’s birth registration certificate. Then you will easily go to other steps and in those steps you will be required to provide personal information as well as parental information and address information. If any document information is requested from you in the preparation of new birth registration certificate, collect them in advance so that it is convenient for you to apply. If you submit the application form to the local government department within 15 days of downloading it, they will be able to download it and provide you with the original documents.

How to apply for new birth registration

So you can easily apply for new registration as per the rules shown above. This official website has introduced new rules to cancel the application if someone after applying realizes that your application is not required. That is as per the rules you will be given an opportunity to apply for one person and if the same person has produced birth registration in more than one place then it is punishable by law and in this case you have to follow all the rules for cancellation of birth registration and keep the rest of the particular birth registration. can cancel

In most cases there are many people who visit the website to download birth registration certificate pdf file. Because all the government documents which are required in daily life are given the opportunity to download PDF by visiting the website, but no such rules have been introduced for us in the official website of birth registration certificate. Signature plays a very important role here because it is being managed through local government department and we use it effectively by using the signature of the head of local government department. Since the website has not implemented such a system, you can download it without providing signature. Can’t and in this case you are told to search only by providing birth registration certificate number and other information in case of information search.

There are many who read the need to correct the information in the birth registration certificate and if the information is not corrected, the certificate is prepared accordingly while registering the information of the national identity card later or while enrolling in the educational institution. Considering all aspects, if you understand mistake in birth registration certificate then you can apply and while applying you have to show necessary documents or proof on the website that based on this information your birth registration certificate information has been wrongly recorded. Your birth registration certificate can currently be amended within 15 days if you submit the required documents and apply correctly.

Step by step process you need to follow

Many a times birth registration gets lost or damaged due to our ignorance or due to various problems. In this case, if you contact the local government department, they will ask you to follow the new rules and you will be given an opportunity to apply for reprinting it as per the current rules. That is, if you want to collect your birth registration certificate correctly, then you can apply to reprint it and we always teach you how to apply. You can find this rule through other parts of our website.

Also, if someone has other requirements in the birth registration certificate and especially if you have not received any result after applying, then there is an opportunity to check the current status of the application. An Application ID will be sent to the mobile number that you provided while applying and along with providing the Application ID, you will mention your date of birth and application type there. After that, if you search, the current status of your application will be shown on the next page and on that basis, you can easily check the current status of the application that you have applied for birth registration certificate.

Based on the above discussion we realized that no login is required anywhere in birth registration for doing such tasks and only birth registration certificate and its date of birth play a very important role in processing the application. But when the login option comes, I will say about who will do that login that the local government department will get the opportunity to login here. That is, Union Parishads or Municipalities or City Corporations located in different areas can log in here and collect the applications that have been submitted in their areas through the authorities and all the applications that have not been completed will be shown in pending status.

Final words

That is, the authority we have downloads them and gives them to us, and in case of downloading, they will easily download them by logging in here officially and give them to us with a signature. So through this post we have informed you very easily about birth registration Samad login and if you have any more confusion here then comment in the comment box. You should not login and avoid this issue as there is no opportunity to login in the facility which is opened for general public.