Application Link 2023 and Process Application Link 2023 and Process

In addition to providing the link to the website to apply for the new birth registration certificate, what information can be provided to complete the application will be informed through this post. Usually when a child is born in the family, you must register the information for the birth registration certificate by using his vaccination card and it is best to prepare it at that moment.

It is better to prepare the birth registration certificate as soon as possible and in this case it is possible to get various benefits of that child or take many steps forward in getting the various benefits of that child. So the information related to the application process of new birth registration certificate is shared for you through this post today and if you have read this post then you must know how to apply.

To apply for birth registration certificate, visit the official portal using the link provided in the title above and if you can visit there, click on the menu option called three dots. From there, birth registration option will appear in front of you and that If you click and hold on the option, you will easily find an option called Application for New Birth Registration. As soon as you click there you will be taken to the next step and for how to register birth certificate information first select which information or which address you want to register it based on.

There is an option to register birth registration information based on current address or permanent address so you select the correct information and it is best to use permanent address. That is, even if you stay at the current address, the address may be shifted later and if you provide the information locally, you can get various facilities from there or if you want to do any kind of official work, you can find the person properly. However, after providing this information, if you go to the next step, a blank space will appear in front of you to provide personal information, and what information will be provided in the blank space is given below.

First of all, the name of the person who registered the birth registration information should be provided in Bengali and in this case the first part and last part of the name should be provided. Similarly, English name information should be provided and after providing it correctly, all the cells marked with red star symbol below should be provided correctly. It would be best if you can correctly select whether the person registering the birth is a boy or a girl and give the correct blood group when you know the blood group. If the blood group is not known, then it must be tested and provide correct information so that there is no mistake.

Application link Birth certificate

Then the number of children considered as family must be provided there and it would be best if you can mention the number of children of the parents and in this case it would be better to provide correct information. In this way, after providing the information on the first page, go to the next step and enter the address information. That is, in which section of Bangladesh and in which upazila of which district you were born, this information will have to be provided step by step. Even the details including post office code should be provided.

Once the address information is provided, it is necessary to go to the next step and provide the information of the parents. Previously, a system was introduced in which the child’s birth registration cannot be created without the birth certificate of the parents, but many have suffered such hardships and later this type of system. has been lifted. So even if parents do not have birth registration certificate, they should have voter ID card and when you input the voter ID card name correctly, your parents name will be automatically uploaded there. After providing correct name of parents you must follow other steps and provide any other information and occupation if any.

Now again go to the next step and provide the applicant information and it will be best to provide the parent information instead of the applicant information. That is, as an applicant, the name of the father or mother must be provided and instead of the contact number, the number of one of the family members must be provided so that if the application ID is sent there, you can collect it. In this way, after providing the information of the applicant, select the fee collection option and if each step of your application is completed properly, then the application should be completed by clicking on the submit button.

How to apply for Birth Certificate online

However, to apply for the birth registration certificate, the scanned copy of the vaccination card has to be uploaded on the website and the documents of the place where the child was born and other matters, if required, must be uploaded on the website. By submitting your application online, download the application form and go to the local government department along with the vaccination card and other documents that have been uploaded on the website. You have to go to the Union Parishad or Municipality or City Corporation of the place where you are preparing birth registration certificate based on the place.

Then if they accept the application fee they will accept it and within two to four days of accepting your application you will be handed over the new birth registration certificate with signature head. In this case, the councilors of the area perform these duties very well, so you all can take services from them and if you keep in touch with them, you will know whether the information of your birth registration certificate has been updated or it has been taken out. In this way you can create birth registration online at home.

Sometimes many educated people cheat poor people and accept a lot of money to create birth registration. If the birth registration certificate is prepared along with the birth of the child then it will play an important role later and I think there will be no trouble in this case. But getting the birth registration certificate as a grown-up can be a hassle at times and in this case the brokers may demand more money from you. If you apply for birth registration at home following the correct rules and submit the application form, you will receive the original birth registration certificate within a few days.