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When we go to the nearest Union Parishad or Municipality to get general services run through the local government department, they ask us to complete every task online. So when you want to do birth registration or death registration related work through online, you will want to know the correct rules to login there by entering and clicking many times.

For your convenience, today we will provide the correct information related to login to our website so that you can easily understand them and perform the functions of birth registration certificate. Follow this post on our website to know if you need to use the log in option as a general public. As we are trying to present to you every information related to birth registration in general daily life, you can understand a lot from here and apply accordingly.

If a child is born in Bangladesh or if an adult wants to create a birth registration as a person born in Bangladesh, he can do so. The child will continue to be identified as a citizen of the particular area through the birth registration certificate and will have to register the voter ID card details when he/she completes 18 years of age. In the same way, if you understand the importance of birth registration, you can know that birth registration of that child has been made mandatory for admission in educational institutions.


So when you want to create a birth registration certificate or want to correct the information here or make any other application, we ask you to do the right thing by going to the official website called BDRIS which is currently being used for birth registration. As we can identify ourselves in various places through the birth registration certificate or in institutional cases due to lack of voter ID card many tasks can be done by providing the birth registration information so it must be prepared according to the certificate and other information. However, when you use the login option by visiting the official birth registration website, you are asked for user ID and password to login there.

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While applying for new birth registration as a general public, you will not need any kind of user ID and password or in case of any type of application as a general public, you just have to select certain options and input correct information as well as upload correct documents on the website. So whenever the login option comes in front of you and asks to provide user ID password, then I will say that only the secretary of the Union Parishad or the person who is responsible in the municipality can login. That is, we will contact the local government department through which we get the birth registration certificate and in this case they perform these tasks.

That is, when you apply for the birth registration certificate online, you provide a specific address and based on that address, the local government departments in the specific area can log in and work according to your information. Any kind of application is submitted then it is uploaded on the official website and if these applications are approved from Dhaka or if they are corrected and given permission to download then only local government department can collect them and send us with signatures. Can register that birth.

For any reason you may have corrected the information in your birth registration certificate and if the information is not accepted or if it is not possible to correct it due to lack of necessary documents after receiving the information then permission to print out will never be given. Only we can check from the status of the application whether it has been printed out and when it is printed out we will know that the local government department near us has downloaded it and handed it over to us with the chairman’s signature along with other signatures. . That is, they do these tasks to officially know the information related to all the applications that are constantly being submitted in our specific area and they complete the login.

How to login easily

That is, those through whom we can collect the birth registration log in there and see the applications of others who have applied with you and if they have given permission to print it through the official website from Dhaka, then the local government department can print it out. can If the application is accepted then understand that it is in pending status and will dispose of your application very soon and provide an opportunity to download it to the local government department.

The union secretary or municipality secretary will provide the user id and password used for login where birth registration certificate has login option. That is, each union council or municipality has a separate user ID and password for login. They will login and know by clicking how many applications for Birth Registration and Death Registration Certificates have been submitted within their area and what type of applications have been submitted. Also by knowing how many applications are pending, those that are settled will download very quickly and work very quickly to provide their proper service to every customer.

So to perform birth registration certificate tasks in daily life we will only select the right option and we will complete each task correctly by providing the information to be registered there. If the application form is not submitted to the local government department within 15 days of completing any type of application, then the application will be canceled and you will have to apply again. As the birth registration cannot be corrected more than four times, you must submit the application to the local government department on the same day or the next day or as soon as possible, they will consider the application and if the head office from Dhaka allows downloading it can

Final words

If someone wants to make a new application for the birth registration certificate, then as we are informing the rules for making a new application, corrective posts are being made regularly on our website due to the fact that many people have incorrect information. So go to the login page of your birth registration certificate, as there is no work there, you need to choose the necessary work from birth registration or death registration option and if you can perform those tasks, you do not need to do any more work here. That is, if you download the application form and submit it to the local government department, they will give you the directions to follow and give you the correct birth registration.