Birth Certificate Verification bd 2023

Birth Certificate Verification bd 2023

Government services which we used to get through various offices are now available at home through online. Usually, all the services that were provided for us on an upazila or district basis have been opened for people to take advantage of at home, and a special portal has been opened and the works are being completed through the website according to the specific office.

Starting from national identity card to birth registration certificate, the work is being done online and applications have to be made online so that every person’s information is stored in the database and everyone can find this information. By doing this, it will be possible to save the information for a long time as there is no need to register the information in the register and thus no information will be lost and the correct distribution of the information will be possible.

You can follow the rules shown below to verify the information in the birth registration certificate or to ensure that the information matches the original document on the website. Since at present there is no opportunity to apply offline by hand writing to register the information of the birth registration certificate, it has to be done online, therefore the information is being recorded on the website and the information verification is possible from there. Apart from online verification, if you have already prepared the birth registration certificate, then the local government department is keeping your information on the website so that the information can be easily reprinted later or other activities can be performed starting from data correction.

The importance of birth registration certificate is immense nowadays and we can realize this only when we go to admit a child in any educational institution. According to the current rules, if you want to admit a child in an educational institution, then you will not be given the opportunity of admission on the basis of providing information without his birth registration certificate. Many times want to travel abroad with children for medical reasons or for various other purposes. In that case, apart from the national identity card, passport and visa can be done with the birth registration certificate, so these should be done very seriously.

Therefore, the importance of birth registration certificate is immense and while registering the information in the birth registration certificate, you must follow the rules or the matters that are asked to register the information. Because if you register with the information you want, you will have to correct it later, and correcting some information is full of trouble, so you will not get rid of this trouble. Therefore, starting from the registration of the information in the birth registration certificate, every step must be considered very seriously and There is no scope for any evasion or neglect as the National Identity Card information will be registered based on the information in the birth registration certificate.

How to Birth Certificate Online Verify in Bangladesh

When you have come to verify the birth registration certificate online, I will say that you will need some information about your original documents in order to verify this information. Generally, many websites provide an opportunity to download the information in the form of a PDF file after verifying the information, but there is no such rule or opportunity on the official website of the birth registration certificate. Because the birth registration certificate is used based on the signature of the chairman and the signature of the local department officials. The website asks you to register the information only online as no signature is provided and this birth registration certificate can be easily collected from the local government department.

You can go to the verification system to check the details of the birth registration certificate and if you search by typing birth registration verification on the website, you will not find any such option. Currently two steps are followed for verification of birth registration certificate and in the language of the website it is called information search. If you want to search the birth registration certificate information then you will be informed about the correct information and know which link to use to verify the information by inputting the correct information.

At present we are using the official website of birth registration certificate if we go to google chrome browser and search by typing BDRIS then the official website is coming up and we have to enter there. To search this information or for information verification, the page link is By using this link, when you can go to the official website page, it will guide you by inputting the 17-digit number of birth registration certificate. Enter the correct 17 digital number there and go down and enter your date of birth exactly as given in the birth registration certificate.

Birth Certificate Verification Online Birth (জন্ম নিবন্ধন যাচাই)

Then go to the bottom and solve the math problem that is created there and click on the search option below. Although the rules for searching birth registration certificate information have been given earlier, here it is simply explained so that you can follow the simple information and after providing the above mentioned information, you can view the desired information by clicking on search there. When you have entered these details properly on the website, you will be taken to the next page and it will show the name of the birth registrant starting with the name of his parents. Also, there will be detailed information of the person registering the birth and the current address starting from the permanent address.

In this way, according to the rules shown above, you can verify the information of the birth registration certificate and if it matches with the original document, then there will be no problem. Later, you can correct the information if you want it again from the birth registration certificate site or if you need to reprint it, you can do it. However, if you want to verify the current status of the application by means of birth registration certificate information verification, then you Please use this link

Generally all other types of applications are disposed of very quickly whereas application for cancellation of birth certificate application, application for rectification of information and application for reprint are a bit lengthy process providing opportunity to verify the application.

Therefore, if you need to check the current status of any of the above three information, then you must use the link shown above and go there and select the type of application you want to check. Then you have to insert your date of birth neatly from the calendar and after inserting it correctly you have to provide the Application ID of your application below. In this way click on the search option by providing three details and go to the next page and you will be given an idea whether your application has been accepted and if it has been accepted, how far the work is progressing or whether it has been printed out from the local government department.