bd Birth Certificate Verify 2023 bd Birth Certificate Verify 2023

If you have any questions about the birth registration certificate, you can check the various information provided on our website. Usually, the solutions to all the problems you face are regularly posted on our website and you can know each and every information about birth registration in detail by visiting our website.

So, through today’s post, birth registration information will be provided for you and you will know how to verify birth registration certificate information online. You can solve your own problems or collect the necessary information at home only if you follow the simple procedure of viewing birth registration certificate information from here. Below are the rules for verifying the birth registration certificate in detail for your convenience and based on what information you need, you must collect it in advance.

This birth registration certificate is issued by the local government department as a personal identity document after the birth of a child and serves as an important document till the child reaches the age of 18. A child’s father or mother wants to move abroad and when the child’s parents- If traveling with the mother, they must provide passport and birth certificate information for visa purposes. In other words, in the absence of your voter ID card, many important things can be done with birth registration certificate and in this context we have already mentioned the information in various posts.

So when you do not want to do the work related to birth registration certificate but want to verify the information of birth registration certificate then it is important for you to follow certain rules. If you want to find out the details of the birth registration certificate or want to verify the birth registration, you have to enter the official website called BDRIS through which the service is provided. Because on this official website you will find the information of birth registration certificate and from there you will have the opportunity to verify your information. However, due to not knowing the official website, the link is shared here and if you use the link, you can go to the verification page.

Mainly if there is no mistake in your birth registration certificate and original documents along with all educational qualification certificate and national identity card then there will be no problem. But if any kind of mistake is observed somewhere or if there is a desire to check the information through the website to eliminate the mind inquiry then you can definitely follow certain rules. Therefore, the information related to birth registration certificate is presented here so that you can verify it and through this you can see how much the information on the website matches with the original documents or whether the same information can be found on the website.

Birth Registration Certificate Check Online

When you check this information on the website, you will understand that there is no mistake in your birth registration certificate and if any mistake is observed in this case, you will go to the local government department to solve the problem. Then they will give you proper advice in this regard and based on this advice you can make specific application and get the birth registration certificate digitalized and the informational mistakes can be corrected. So since you have come to verify the information through this post or to check whether the birth registration certificate information is available online, we have mentioned this information in detail in this post.

If you want to check this information by visiting the official website of BDRIS, then go to the menu option of the official website, but if you do not find the verification option, you will find the option in Bengali called information search. Moreover, even if you go to the official website, just go to the Google Chrome browser and search by writing the birth certificate, you will get the link to verify that information. So you should use the link correctly according to the correct advice or go to the google chrome browser and search from the birth certificate and visit through the link that you will get. Even then for verification of birth registration certificate information is asked to use this link.

When you can go to the official website using this link, you will see three blank boxes for providing information, and know what information needs to be provided carefully. First of all you have to provide the 17 digit birth registration number there and make sure that the number on your birth registration certificate is 17 digits. If your birth registration certificate is 17 digital then input that 17 digital number directly in the blank space without delay. Then you have to go down and provide the date of birth information and providing this date of birth through a mobile phone is a bit of a hassle.

How to apply for birth certificate verification

Now you have to reach the specific month by using right or left option from the first calendar that comes up while selecting date of birth information through mobile phone. That is, when you can reach your birth month cell, from there, if you click on the date on which you were born, the current year will be shown there, even if the specific date and specific month are mentioned. If it is your current year of birth or if your year of birth is different then you must go to edit option again and from there enter your current year of birth by subtracting the current year.

According to the rules of the website, a math problem is created and you create a solution to that math problem and put the answer in the blank cell. After filling the answer, you have to click on the submit button or click on the search option which is there, you will be taken to the next page and there you will be provided an opportunity to verify the details of your birth registration certificate. That is, you can see step by step whether the information is the same with your original documents and every information will be recorded there like the original documents.

In this way, you can easily verify the information of the birth registration certificate at home and if you do not understand any information, you can write in the comment box. The information of the birth registration certificate can be verified very easily in this way and if you understand them as easily as we are telling you, then hopefully there will be no problem and you can verify the correctness of your birth registration certificate. However, if the original documents have the signature of the chairman, the signature of the chairman will not be mentioned due to the fact that the information is recorded on the website. But if the other information is similar, you can take your necessary benefits from there or you can complete what is currently required by making the necessary application.