www birth registration.gov.bd Link bdris.gov.bd

www birth registration.gov.bd Link bdris.gov.bd

If one wants to generate birth registration certificate for any family members then he/she must do birth registration and there is an option to do this by visiting certain website. So if we present to you all the steps to be followed to register your birth certificate or apply online then you can be aware of each and every thing accordingly and complete the birth registration registration. If one wants to register the details of the birth registration certificate through the embassy then he can do so and in this case this facility is being provided through the website.

So all the persons who do not have birth registration certificate can register the information online very quickly and collect this information or get the original birth registration certificate in hand. This post will discuss how you can register your information by visiting the current official website.


We know that the need for birth registration certificate is immense and we are getting it through the local government department. Usually the Ward Councilors know us personally and because of their familiarity in each area, we also do the Birth Registration Certificate through them. Therefore, it would be best to prepare the birth registration of the newly born child of the family without neglecting to prepare the birth registration certificate, as well as for those who have not, it would be best to prepare it with the correct information. There is no opportunity to register the information by filling the form as before and all activities are conducted online so follow the proper online rules.

We want you to follow the correct rules in registering the information in the birth certificate and do not make any mistakes in this regard. Even if you see a link in the title of this birth registration, you cannot apply for it and you have to go to the official website of BDRIS to apply. I will provide you the link of this official website and that link is https://bdris.gov.bd/br/application. That is, you can click this link or copy this link and paste it in Google Chrome browser to go to the application page.

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In the step of applying, you have to follow all the information and select the place based on which you want to create your birth registration certificate. There is an option to register information on the basis of place of birth and if you want to do it on the basis of permanent address. Moreover, if someone wants to create a birth registration certificate based on the current address, then there is no problem. In other words, there is an opportunity to register information on the basis of three types of addresses, so you will use the address as per your convenience. So when you apply, select the right place and after applying, you will be given the opportunity to download the application form, you must print it out or submit it to the local government department within 15 days of applying.

Because after submitting this online application its validity period is 15 days and if you complete this period then you have to apply again later. So to apply, go to the official website through the link that you have received and select the address you want to apply based on and click on the next writing option. Then going to the next page will provide an opportunity to apply based on the address of the person who registered your birth.


Moreover, the Bengali first part and last part of the applicant’s name must be provided while applying. An important point in providing information here is that the information must be provided in all rooms which are marked with red star and these are mandatory. Also, you may not provide information in those marked with red star and there is no problem in this case. Thus you will provide first part and last part of name in English and provide both in Bengali. Then you have to provide your date of birth and you are asked to follow the correct rules as you have to provide it through the calendar or you are asked to enter the correct information by going to the edit option to enter the year of birth correctly.

Next, you need to specify how many children the parent has and sometimes you may not know how many children to provide because there are multiple sides of the parent. So tell you that you have to mention as many children as your head or father. After providing the details like this select your gender and place of birth address you have to fill now step by step. Since these works are being done through the local government department, you have to mention the local level information ie road number or village name starting from the name of your department.

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So, after inputting the information, click on the next writing option and go there and provide the information of the parents. All persons born after 2000 who have not produced a birth registration must produce their parents’ birth registration earlier and then register their birth registration information. Moreover, you will fill in the details of the National Identity Card of the parents and all the other information that will go there correctly and proceed to the next step. In this case you have to provide the information in such a way that those who do not have to go to the trouble of correction and later can use this birth registration properly.

So when we have provided the information to you to do your birth registration certificate, go to the right room and provide the applicant information. Applicant can provide your own name or guardian’s name in place of information and use an active mobile number. While applying on the website, you have to select the documents that were asked or asked to apply on the basis of availability, now you have to select them correctly on the website and upload those documents by going to the upload option. After uploading you will go down and select the fee collection option and thus after your application is completed you will be shown its summary.

If there is no margin of error anywhere then you will submit your application form. You have to print the application form and submit it to the local government department along with all the documents that were asked from you on the website. If you submit them within 15 days of applying, they will consider your application and issue this birth registration certificate to you within three to five working days at the most based on the correctness of each information. Hope you have got to know the correct rules of birth registration based on the information provided above and if you have any query in this context please write in the comment box.