Birth Registration Online br application 2023

Birth Registration Online br application 2023

About Registering Birth Registration Certificate Online I would like to tell those who visit this post that it must be made as it is a very important task these days. We provide various information for you about birth registration certificate from time to time and you can know how to register the information as well as correction of information and other detailed information from here.

So through this post we will tell you how to register information about birth registration certificate or what rules to follow in creating a new birth registration certificate or what documents are required to apply for birth registration. If you read this post from the beginning to the end, you will understand what information is presented here and how this information will be useful for you.

Birth Registration online

The days of creating birth registration certificates by hand are over and the process of registering data through portals or websites has started to store the data correctly in the data page. Generally, by registering these information in large birth registers, they get lost at some point and it becomes difficult to find the information, so the information is recorded on the Digital Bangladesh website so that the information of each person is properly registered there. Therefore, as a conscious citizen, you must apply for it through the website without filling the birth registration certificate form by hand and based on the application, the local government department will provide you with the original documents.

If we want to generate birth registration certificate online or register information online then we must visit the official website of BDRIS. Because there is an option called New Birth Registration Application to register the information and on clicking there you will be given directions to fill up the accommodation. If you want to produce birth registration certificate of any member of your family then you must prepare the birth registration certificate of his parents first as per current rules. If we are not able to submit all the documents mentioned for generation of birth registration certificate correctly on the website then the application will not be accepted and we will not be able to generate it.

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So if you can follow all the guidelines that are being given regarding the birth registration certificate or the information that we are trying to present to you, then it will definitely be useful and your birth registration certificate can be generated properly on the basis of the application. You must apply for your birth registration certificate
You can use this link and when you visit the official website, click on the application option that will appear in front of you, then the blank room will appear for applying. Then you can go there and register the information and if you can register the information and submit the application completely then the local government department will follow the next steps.

Previously, the birth registration certificate was done directly by the local government department and in this case they charged a certain amount of application fee. But at present if you want to apply then you will be asked to apply online first when you go there and in this case you can go to the computer service shop and apply. If you want to apply at home by using the link mentioned above, then on the blank page that will appear in front of you, you will mention the address based on which you want to register the information of birth registration certificate.

You will then be asked to proceed to get the next and provide the first part and last part of the name in Bengali for whom you are preparing birth registration certificate. Following the same rules, the first and last part of the name of the person registering the birth should be provided in English. Also, how many children the person has in the family and what is his blood group and nationality should be mentioned. After providing all these information, you will provide all the personal information that will be presented to you and you will not be able to proceed to the next step if you do not fill all the information boxes that are marked with a red star on the website.

Online Birth Registration Bangladesh

Now you have to apply if you have the necessary documents to produce the birth registration certificate and if you don’t have the documents then you will not be given the opportunity to apply if you fail to submit them later. So by visiting the website you will usually need a birth certificate signed by a first class gazetted officer or medically issued vaccination card. Moreover, you have to upload the Land Tax Payment Receipt or Rent Payment Receipt from the address where the person lives on the website.

That is, if you have the above-mentioned documents then you must apply and if you do not have them then first of all collect the documents and apply accordingly without following the next step. In the application step you have to go to the next page like this and go there and provide the information related to the address, starting from your department and going to the ward number. If the address information is provided in this way, you have to go to the next page and in the parent’s information box, if you provide the NID card number or birth registration certificate number, the name and other information will be automatically uploaded to the website. Moreover, if any other information is required then you must provide it correctly and the applicant’s information will be provided in the next step.

In place of the applicant’s information, it must be mentioned that the applicant is applying himself. Then provide your application contact number and provide a mobile number where your application ID is sent. All the documents that were mentioned on the first page of the application, now you have to select the correct option from the website and go to the upload option and upload your documents in PDF file format and within the specified resolution on the website. Thus, after uploading each paper, you must verify the information you have provided before clicking the submit button.

If the information provided is not wrong then definitely submit and if your application is accepted by the authorities then the local government department you are under will follow the next steps. In this case you have to go there with photocopies of the application form and all the documents that you have uploaded on the website and if you submit it to the local government department they will check the pending application by logging into the next office. If your application gives permission to download, then the authority will download and hand over the original documents with the Chairman’s signature and other signatures.