Online Birth Certificate Registration in Bangladesh Full Guideline

Online Birth Certificate Registration in Bangladesh Full Guideline

If a child is born in someone’s home then his birth certificate must be registered. Therefore, according to the rules of the authorities, if you want to register the birth certificate online, then you must follow the rules shown below. This special system has been introduced to ensure that the application process can be done smoothly and everyone’s information can be properly recorded on the website instead of creating the birth registration by hand in the present time in Bangladesh.

That is, you will enter the information on the website on your own responsibility by submitting the proof and by submitting the application you will be given the opportunity to download the application form. The application form is officially submitted you will go directly to the local government department with this application form and once you get there they will give you the opportunity to download it by completing their login process and you will get the original documents.

Online birth certificate registration

Since a child’s birth registration certificate plays an important role in educational institutions and other important activities, it is the responsibility of everyone as a conscious parent to record the information correctly. So when you want to do these things properly and thus when we want to provide you with information, we think that providing the information according to your needs will be of great benefit to you. So we try to present all the information that is convenient for you and we always provide you with more important information about birth registration certificate.

Because birth registration certificate has been made mandatory in every human life and if we can help you with correct information from this mandatory place then it will be very good for us and you will get a lot of benefits. You can easily correct this information in the birth registration certificate or collect the correct website link for doing the solutions. Now you will be taught what rules to follow, where you will go to record the information and what documents you will need.

If you need birth registration certificate documents then apply by visiting the website any day of the week and you can apply anytime within 24 hours. First of all you have to go to the official website and must recognize the official website as this application will not be accepted without the official website.
If you can use this link you can easily go to the official website and go there and first of all select the address based on which you are going to apply. It is best if you provide permanent address rather than place of birth address or present address and in this case you will be able to perform tasks based on permanent address.

How to register for online birth certificate

Thus after selecting the address proceed to the next step and start providing the applicant details here. If the birth registrant wants to create the information on the basis of the certificate or any other information, then provide it on the basis of the information there so that there is no need for correction. However, if you want to record this information for a child for the first time, you must provide all the information you provided on the vaccination card. That is, the more accurately you can provide the information, the more accurately your information will be recorded and the original documents will come out that way.

The Bengali first part and last part of the name of the person for whom the birth registration certificate is to be produced must be provided. If the name is one letter or two letters then there is no problem and in this case the first part of the name is not provided. Here you only need to provide the last part of the name and first of all we would like to say that providing all the information marked with red star is mandatory. So you have to provide the details of the rooms marked with red star, other rooms have been skipped and we always give you the right direction to provide them.

Step by step process for registering

Be careful when you provide this information online. Because this information is being recorded for your lifetime. So to record the information you should follow the same rules for providing the name information in English even after providing the first part of the name like this. Then how many children you have in the family and what is your nationality should be determined from here. Also you have to mention your gender here and while providing date of birth you have to provide the year of birth and other things along with confirming that you have various documents.

Because if you do not have the correct documents in your collection then you will not be able to follow the application steps accordingly and in this case inputting your information will be futile. So it would be best if you have the child’s vaccination card or a first class doctor’s certificate attached as per the rules shown there. Moreover, the documents of the place where the child is living according to the information of his parents, Rashid and other Arabic documents should be attached. So if you have the above mentioned documents then go to the next step of applying and in the next step of applying you must provide all the other information.

Especially your address information needs to be provided here and if any other information is required then proceed to the next step. Now you have to provide your parents information and if you provide your parents National Identity Card information then the other information starting from name will be autofilled there. Then you have to go to get next and provide the applicant information there and in the applicant information field use the parent’s name and mobile number. Because SMS will come on that mobile number and it is very important to collect that ID number of SMS.

Final saying

If the above mentioned documents are in your collection then you have to select those documents by going to the upload option and by going to your option you have to attach these documents to the website in the form of PDF file. In this way you can follow the next steps very easily and apply and download the application form very easily as we have provided you the information like this. If you submit it to the local government department within a maximum of 15 days of application, it will never be accepted and your application will be rejected. Considering all these aspects, follow all the rules that we have informed you to register the information of birth registration certificate.