Jonmo Nibondhon Abedon br application

Jonmo Nibondhon Abedon br application

Those who have not produced the birth registration certificate in the past or have not collected it through the local government department are now required to apply online for birth registration. How to apply for birth registration certificate online and what documents and information to use for online application is the topic of today’s post.

If one wants to produce a birth certificate then one must have the birth registration certificate of his parents and in this case those who were born after 2000 years have to follow certain rules in producing the birth registration certificate. That is, all these measures have been taken so that every information is properly recorded on the online website and later you can find it very easily and the work of birth registration certificate is being done online in digital system.

Generally, when a child is born in a family, he must prepare his birth registration without any delay. Because you can collect the vaccination card which is used in making the birth registration certificate from the local doctor at the time of birth of the child. So you have to consider all these things and you can easily apply for birth registration certificate online without delaying it. If we present to you the rules to be followed in applying online for birth registration certificate, then accordingly you can apply online and follow the next steps and your original document will arrive within a few days.

The importance of birth registration certificate is immense in our life and without birth registration you cannot register the information of national identity card, similarly you cannot enroll your last child in an educational institution or do passport visa work. So the information must be registered online without leaving it carelessly and carelessly and the original documents must be properly preserved by the person who has produced the birth registration certificate. However, since you have come to know about the birth registration application, know this information through this post.

Apply for birth certificate

First of all, you have to fill the form online instead of filling the form by hand writing offline to apply for birth registration.
Go to the next step by using this link or by using this link you can directly go to the application page. On entering the website you will actually select the address based on which you want to apply for birth registration. In this case, you can apply based on your place of birth or you can also apply based on your permanent address and current address.

In most cases you can select it as you provide permanent address or select any option according to your convenience and proceed to the next step. The next step is to provide the personal contact information of the person under registration. The first part of the name of the person for whom the birth registration certificate is to be produced should be mentioned in Bengali and the last part should be given in Bengali in the box below. Similarly, the first part and last part of the name in English should be recorded on the website in the specified format. From here you have to provide the date of birth information and in the place of birth information box you can mention the original year instead of the current year if you want.

Thus you must mention the number of children of the parents by performing these tasks and correctly mention this information so that there is no need to correct the information later. Now you have to select the gender of the person registering the birth and you have to go down and mention the address of the place of birth in detail. Place of birth address should be provided in such a way that you can enter the information in the box where each red star symbol is provided. In this case, there is an option to select the name of the country, from there you select Bangladesh and mention the category in which you were born. Then the name of the post office should be mentioned in Bengali and English.

Steps you need to follow

Once this information is provided, please provide the name of the village or the name of the neighborhood in Bengali and English and state the number of the house you live in or its road number. In this way, after completing the tasks of the first page, you will go to the next page and after providing the address information, if any other information is requested, then you have to provide it. To proceed to the next step you will have to provide other more options and in this case you will provide parental information. But when you input the information on the first page, you will be asked for certain documents and in case of asking for documents, you must collect them and apply.

Because if you cannot upload all the documents that have been sent to your website in the specified resolution, then your application will not be completed and you will not get the original documents. Those documents include a government doctor’s certificate or vaccination card, tax receipts of the place where the person lives and other information. However, if you have all these information, then you must apply and provide the parents’ information in the next step and provide the birth registration number along with the national identity card of the parents.

Birth registration certificate number or this original information must be given correct information while recording on the website and should be given seriously as your certificate and national identity card will be generated based on this information in future. Then you have to go to the next step and enter the applicant information. In place of applicant information you must provide your name and as a contact number you must provide a mobile number on which SMS of application ID is received. After providing the information like this, you will select the fee collection option and all the documents you were told to upload on the website in the specified resolution.


Once these are done, you will check your application summary to see if there are any errors and if no errors are found then submit the application. Then apart from receiving an SMS of application ID on that number, you can download the application form as a PDF file and you can easily go to the next step or submit it to the local government department and they will help you in getting the birth registration certificate. By applying at home in this way, if you submit the application form and necessary documents to the local government department, they will assist you in getting the birth registration and you can collect the birth registration certificate in this way.