Jonmo Nibondhon Jachai Link everify

Jonmo Nibondhon Jachai Link everify

In addition to sharing the link to those who have visited here to know the process of birth registration verification, I will tell you how to search birth registration certificate information through today’s post. In fact, instead of offline, all the work related to the birth registration certificate is done online, so we have to do the work online or to make any kind of application, we have to know the address of its official website.

birth certificate verification

If you want to complete these tasks of the birth registration certificate correctly, then we will provide you with information about this constantly and we think that you will be able to complete the correct tasks correctly only if you understand the information from here. Because birth registration is a very important document and without this document you cannot get any information registration or institutional facilities. Moreover, by verifying the information, you can understand whether your information has been recorded correctly on the website. So follow the rules below to know the rules for verifying birth registration.

In fact, if your birth registration certificate is properly recorded or if the other information is exactly the same as the original documents of your birth registration certificate, then it will not be verified. As the official website of BDRIS is providing us the opportunity to verify this information completely free of charge, we will utilize these opportunities and we are providing these opportunities for you, so you can understand them and check the information.

In fact, since the country has gone digital since a few days ago, the official website of birth registration certificate has been created for us, the application is being accepted here and every work is being done through the official website. But when you do other things related to birth registration certificate then you need to follow proper rules online instead of offline. Because if you record the information through online, they will be stored in a specific database and they will never get lost or lost day after day. Moreover, in finding the information, they can be verified very easily by just a few clicks and by inputting the required information.

How to verify birth certificate

So we must follow the correct rules to verify the information through the portal that is currently being used and every information we can provide to the website correctly will give us an opportunity to verify or match the information according to the website’s system. The official website of birth registration certificate has been providing us with various facilities in our daily life and through this any task is being settled very quickly without waiting for days. But anyway, since you have come to verify the information, today through this post, we will try to explain in detail how to verify the birth registration information below.

Actually it is possible to register the information of any person through this official website of birth registration and if you want to apply for a new person then you will provide the information according to the facilities or information that will be provided to you to apply. In providing the information, provide the information in such a way that you do not have to go to the trouble of correcting the information in the future and after registering the information, submit the application and submit it to the local government department, it will accept it and you will receive this birth registration certificate within a few days by spending a small amount of money. Original documents will be provided.

Method for checking your birth registration certificate

If you see any kind of information mismatch on the official website then there is a system to correct the information and you have to use that option to correct the information. However, if you want to correct the information, you must submit the necessary documents and if you cannot show strong documents as proof, then it will never be accepted and the information will not be corrected. So after searching the information you have to understand whether there is a need to correct the information here and if it is necessary then you have to go to the option to correct the information and by going there you have to submit the application form to the local government department by providing the required information.

Many times we try to find the information of the birth registration certificate and in this case the rules for searching for the information are given below, as well as you have the opportunity to check the current status of the application if you have applied. If you have to wait for a long time then you can definitely check its current status to know if the application has been accepted and if you know about the current status of the application you will know when it can be issued.

However, if you want to verify the information by using the official website of birth registration certificate, you can search by writing the birth certificate or you can go to the information verification page by using this link Also if you are on the official website then use the option called information search to find your information from there and there you will be given three blank boxes to provide information. Here you will first provide the 17 Digital Candidate Registration Number which is present in the original documents of your birth registration certificate and if there is a mistake in providing birth registration number then you will never find your information.

Online birth certificate verification

Then select your date of birth from the website and first select your birth month and date of birth as you have to select from the calendar there in the case of selecting the date of birth. Then go to edit option and enter your original year of birth by cutting the current year mentioned there. In this way, after completing each task, follow the instructions of the website to understand the math problem that is created there and if you put the correct solution in the blank cell and click on the search option, you will be shown detailed information to verify this information in the next step.

That is to say that every information is similar to your original documents, starting from your name, birth registration number and other things will be shown there. However, the only difference between searching information with original documents is that the original document that you have taken with you has some signatures and the website does not mention any kind of signature. In this way, if your information matches exactly, then there is no problem, and if it does not match, then go directly to the local government department and show your original document, they will correct it, and in this case, you will not have to face any kind of trouble later. thank you