Nid Card Check Online Bangladesh

Nid Card Check Online Bangladesh

You can easily check your NID card online from anywhere in the world. If you have a phone with internet connection in your hand, you can check NID from home. You don’t know how to check NID card online. We will try to show you step by step how you can check it yourself.

NID Card Check Online

Thanks to Bangladesh Government for going digital NID system of Bangladesh. Anyone can check their NID card online very easily. Along with the developed country, many tasks have become very easy in our country which we can easily do online. It takes few minutes to check id card online which saves us a lot of time. To check nid online you must register account online. If you want to register, you can enter your ID account through an active phone number. You have to register your NID card officially on the Election Commission website.

How to Check NID Card

If you follow the methods we are trying to tell you to check the NID then you will be successful very easily. Below we will try to tell you the processes step by step. Read our entire post carefully then you can have your NID card itself. Then you will not have any problem to check your NID card.

First go to any browser of your mobile phone and visit Election Commission
Go to the web site. After entering this link you will get a homepage there. If you go down on that homepage you will get different menu for your account login according to that menu you can register your NID card after giving all the information.

Enter your NID card number in the empty box. You can also use your username to complete this step. You will find an empty box to put your password right below it. Put the password you set while registering for your account. Finally you will be given a captcha after completing that captcha you can see the whole thing.

Now the whole thing will be shown to you check carefully if you have done any mistake if you have not done anything then press on login button. Now you can go to the last page where you will have your NID card. You can download your NID card as a PDF file or take a screenshot from there.

NID Card Status Check

After you complete the registration, you will receive an SMS on your phone that the registration process is complete. And the process to check NID card status is same as the steps we mentioned earlier. However, make sure to use a registered SIM number to avoid any problem. Once your NID is activated, you can check it online without any problem.

last thing

Hope, you have learned how to check NID card online with our steps. Make sure to follow the instructions properly and you will find it very easy to test.