www bdris.gov.bd Login 2023

www bdris.gov.bd Login 2023

Currently, the login option is often shown when entering the birth registration certificate application process on a particular website. And when you use the login option, user ID and password are asked, so as a general public, you don’t understand how to use the user ID and password. So for your convenience, through this post of today’s website, I will try to present to you how to login to the official website of Birth Registration Certificate or BDRIS or the information related to login. Then you can know the kind of misconceptions you have about this login or the kind of information you have visited our website to collect and accordingly you can go here and perform the tasks related to your birth registration certificate.


If you want to know the answer to what is a birth registration certificate, then I would say that you are a personal identity card issued by the local government department of that area stating that you were born in a particular area. Since the head of the local government department is a chairman, he issues this certificate and as this certificate is issued with the signature of the councillor, you may be able to use it for various purposes within the country. You may need to visit the official website and provide your required information or view the information for the work related to birth registration certificate.

However, if you visit the official website, then first of all, there will be a step to register your information in the birth registration related tasks. That is, if you have not created a birth registration certificate or if you want to create birth registration of a new person, then you have to go to that option and enter the information step by step based on the information provided. In this way, you will download the application form after registering the information on the website along with the necessary documents and after doing that, submit it to the local government department. This birth registration certificate will be issued with signature within a few days after receiving the application fee from you.

Then you can go to search information step from there and those who have problem of birth registration certificate or those who want to find birth registration certificate click search information option from there. Go there and provide your 17 digit birth registration number and after you provide your date of birth solve the math problem you see on the website. That is, after you fill in the required information in each blank cell correctly, when you click on the search option, the name of the person in your birth registration and other information will be shown there in detail.

Official website for birth certificate

Thus, if someone has made multiple applications for birth registration certificate by visiting the website, then according to the rules, you have to cancel the other applications for one application. So as there is an option to cancel the application you can certainly follow the steps to cancel the application and thus you will create it based on a specific address instead of creating multiple birth registration certificates as per the rules shown on the website. At least if the website gives you the opportunity to do so, it will not ask you to login or provide any information that is not collected from you.

Many times birth registration certificate gets destroyed or lost due to difficulty in storing it and you may wonder how to collect it. You can directly apply for reprinting through the official website due to local government department not being able to provide correct information or sometimes accepting more money than many. In this case, you have to show the necessary arguments and submit the application form to the local government department after providing all the information from the birth registration number to the other information correctly on the website. Then it will take certain amount from you for printing and after accepting it will give you back this copy of birth registration certificate.

How to login into the official website

If someone sees wrong information in the birth registration certificate or if the information in the birth registration certificate does not match with your other documents, you will have the opportunity to correct it. But the most important thing in correcting information is whether you can show strong reasoning behind the information you are correcting. If you can upload the necessary credentials or documents on the website and complete the application correctly, then the local government department will accept it and you can later verify it through the application ID. So in this way you can follow the correct rules in correcting the information in the birth registration certificate.

All those who have applied for birth registration certificate and are waiting for a long time after applying can easily check the current status of the application by visiting the official website. All the steps you have to follow to check the current status of the application is that you have to provide the application id. At the time of application, input the mobile number to which the Application ID has been sent on the website and provide your date of birth. Moreover, if you can mention the type of application you have applied there, it will give you the opportunity to search and you can check the curr

ent status of the application in this way.

Step by step process

Based on the above discussion, you have come to know that there is no login required to do any work or no user id and password is asked for login. Then the question may come in your mind that for whom this login should be done and where to find the user ID password required for login. Usually the local government department we have will complete this login and by logging in their area i.e. if you have applied based on specific area then the application form will be submitted on the official website as well as it will be submitted on their portal.

That is, from there they will login very easily and after officially completing this login, the applications submitted along with you in your area will be shown there. In addition to showing the pending application, all completed application forms will be downloaded in PDF file format or it will be downloaded and signed on the page of their birth registration. Then the login will be done through the local government department so there is no work for the general public and In this case, you can directly select the options you need without worrying about it.